What's the F***ing Point?

Tina Pocha on the Magic of Self-Reinvention

Episode Summary

Sooner or later, we all have to reinvent ourselves. In this conversation with writer, teacher, and coach Tina Pocha, we explore the process of reinvention (and nerd out about a lot of great books).

Episode Notes

Tina Pocha is one of those women you lose track of time talking to. The wisdom she shared about the process of self reinvention, but learning about her life story and perspective was just as interesting.

I know you’ll dig this interview, and since I’m a little brain-dead at the moment, there’s not much I want to say about it other than GO LISTEN! Links to references in the episode are below.

Also, Tina is generously offering a free discovery coaching session for any WTFP listeners during the months of September, so take advantage of that shit, y’all!

For full show notes with links to stuff mentioned in the episode, head here.

About Tina Pocha

Tina is a writer, teacher, and Women’s Re-invention Coach. She works with smart, talented, accomplished women to help them get clarity on why they feel stuck in their careers, in their lives. She supports her clients in reconnecting with what they really want to do and who they really want to be — to ultimately find and follow their heart’s desire. You can find her online at thenextstepcoaching.net, and her blog at tinapocha.com.