What's the F***ing Point?

Timothy Gordon on Weaving a Life of Meaning

Episode Summary

Therapist, yogi, trainer, and author Tim Gordon (aka The Zen Social Worker) is too damn smart for his own good... but also humble, kind, and willing to define big words for me, so I'm okay with it.

Episode Notes

Hot damn, y'all. Words do not suffice to describe my interview with The Zen Social Worker, Timothy Gordon. This was probably my favorite conversation yet. Grab your notebook (or come back to the show notes after if you're driving), your tissues, and get ready for your brain to explode onto the ceiling as mine did during our call. (I am happy to report that I am now back in one piece.💁‍♀️🧠)

I can already say Tim will be a repeat guest — and on this episode, here's what we dig into:

I strongly encourage you to check out Tim's YouTube Channel, and his book (co-authored with Jessica Borushok) *The ACT Approach*, which won the 2018 Benjamin Franklin Award for editorial and design excellence in the Psychology category.

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About Tim Gordon

Timothy Gordon, MSW, is a social worker in Canada and internationally recognized  ACT trainer. He specializes in treating attachment and trauma related disorders. Tim is also a yoga teacher who integrates movement and yoga practices into his work. Tim's research has included yoga as a mental health intervention, ACT for chronic pain, and ACT with neonatal intensive care units. Tim is passionate about empowering people in various settings to use ACT, he has worked with Canada's Parliament and is involved in bringing ACT to subsaharan African countries with his colleagues at Commit and Act.