What's the F***ing Point?

Tierra B on Pivoting from Federal Officer to Full-time Yogi

Episode Summary

Tierra B is a yoga teacher and boss babe entrepreneur hailing from District Heights, Maryland. I was fortunate to meet her recently when she came to Nashville for a Prison Yoga Project training here, and was immediately drawn to her presence. Tierra recently left a career in law enforcement to pursue her passion full-time, and in our conversation we talk about how that transition came about, the perks and struggles of entrepreneur life, and how easy it is to get sucked into the pressures in our consumer culture when what matters a lot more to her is spending time under the sun every day. You can find Tierra on Instagram at @yogi.tb — for show notes, visit www.wonderwelltherapy.com/blog/wtfp-10 .

Episode Notes

Tierra B is one of those people that magnetizes any room she walks into.

I met Tierra at the Prison Yoga Project training in Nashville a couple months ago, and have loved following her online since then. With a bachelors in Crime, Law, and Justice, and a masters in Forensics, Tierra started her career in federal law enforcement. Eventually, patriarchal bullshit (my words, not hers) was a big part of what made the work environment so toxic for her that she knew it was time to take a gamble and go all-in with yoga.

In this episode, Tierra and I talk about:

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About Tierra B

Tierra B, (AKA YogiTB) hails from Prince Georges County, Maryland. She is a yoga student, freelance yoga instructor, mindfulness advocate, health & wellness advocate for people of color. Tierra decided to pursue yoga her freshman year of college as her gym credit and found it as an outlet, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Ever since, she has advocated for the education and experience of living a more holistic, healthier lifestyle. Moving every day to motivate her students to practice self-care and build mindfulness practices. She is half of NamaSIP and creator of Flow2Glow, LLC.

Tierra has practiced yoga for ten years and has been a 200hr. RYT since 2017. Tierra is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University (BS) & Stevenson University (MS). She completed Yoga4Trauma Training, February 2018 and completed the Prison Yoga Project training, May 2018 in Nashville, TN. The type of classes YogiTB offers, are more of a flow, breath centered, free spirited vibe. She offers private, group & community classes. YogiTB works with all types of communities from schools to professional athletes. She teaches vinyasa, yin, restorative, trauma based and Trap Yoga. She promotes loving kindness practices & intentional actions/ways of living. Constantly motivating her students to vibrate high. Her aesthetic is positive energy & vibes just flowing. Tierra is a firm believer in your actions leave such a lasting impact on those you come into contact with.

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