What's the F***ing Point?

Rebecca Trinidad on Healing with Plants

Episode Summary

In my most "out there" episode yet, you get to hear me live-freakout about a spider, followed by a rich conversation with herbalist Rebecca Trinidad on healing with plants, permaculture, druidry, comparative mythology, and a lot more. There are tons of references in today's show, so be sure to check out the show notes at wonderwelltherapy.com/blog/wtfp-11 !

Episode Notes

You guys are in for a treat with episode 11...

...and not just because the first 90 seconds of the intro is live footage of me freaking the fuck out about just discovering a giant spider near me. I kept it in for your entertainment, and because being in the wild outdoors is a very appropriate introduction for today's guest, Rebecca Trinidad.

Rebecca is a new friend I met earlier this year at a druid gathering in the Louisiana woods. If anyone I've met actually fits the description "radiates goddess energy," it's Rebecca (as evidenced by this photo of her). 

In this episode, Rebecca and I talk about:

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About Rebecca Trinidad
Rebecca Trinidad is a Hedge Druid living in North Florida. In the face of rising healthcare costs, she studies Herbalism as a way to encourage prevention and wellness at lower cost to the wallet and the body. In her spare time, she performs yoga and dabbles in mystic hobbies such as shamanic journeying, tarot cards and researching comparative mythology.

Oh, and Rebecca does not have a website or social media, which we exchanged some texts about earlier, in summation me saying "I bow to you." If y'all have questions for her, email me [valerie at wonderwelltherapy dot com] or comment on this post, and I will relay them to her for response! 

For FULL show notes (links to all the awesome mentions on today's show), head over to wonderwelltherapy.com/blog/wtfp-11 .