What's the F***ing Point?

Megan Bruneau on Worthiness and the Ethics of Mental Health Care

Episode Summary

YOU GUYS. Y'all are not gonna want to miss episode with badass therapist, coach, author, and host of Failure Factor podcast, Megan Bruneau. We talk relationships, body image, parenting (and NON-parenting), privilege, and a lot more. Get your notebook and pen ready for this one!

Episode Notes

Megan Bruneau is one of those women with a résumé that should make you instantly dislike her because she’s so g*ddamn successful (and gorgeous).

And you want to be like JUST. STOP IT. But then you can’t, because she’s actually really fucking great. Yes, she writes for Forbes and is BFF with Deepak Chopra (or, ok, at least she interviewed him on her podcast and is a faculty member with The Chopra Center — so basically BFF 💁‍♀️). More importantly, though, she is wise, talented, humble, and the REAL DEAL.

Plenty of people with Megan’s level of success and demands on their time would have seen my crazy-ass DM and been like, “girlfriend does not have enough followers to even merit my reply.” I guess she sensed the genuineness and excitement of my message, and she was like “hell yeah, let’s do this!” — then cue a shared enthusiasm about early 2000’s Eminem, and voila, a friendship was born.

In this episode, Megan and I get into SO 👏MUCH 👏GOODNESS 👏around topics like:

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