What's the F***ing Point?

Hayley Shelton on Staying Sane in the Workplace

Episode Summary

Hayley Shelton dishes up the good, the bad, and the ugly re: that department you hope to never hear from — Human Resources.

Episode Notes

There's just one woman in Nashville with a membership to the downtown Primings Cigar Lounge, and her name is Hayley Shelton. Founder of her own HR consulting group, Hayley isn't intimidated by the good ole' boys club — hell, while she's at it, she'll just create her own girls club. She came here to win — and she wants you to win, too.

Basically, Hayley is the quintessential healthy Enneagram 8, and on today's podcast, she helps us all gain some perspective on the challenges related to the place where most of us spend over 85,000 hours of our lives: the workplace.

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About Hayley Shelton

Hayley Shelton is president of Park Avenue Consulting Services and founder + board chair of Park Avenue Career Services nonprofit organization in Nashville, Tennessee. A Nashville native, Hayley loves her city and the people within it. A community participant and identified Servant Leader, she formed PACS in early 2017 with the intent of creating and developing staff that could pack a powerful and strategic Human Resources punch in the Nashville business scene. Hayley is a dedicated consultant, traveler, avid reader and lover of games. With an extensive background in Human Resources, Learning & Development, and Organizational Leadership, Hayley has worked with organizations ranging from start-up phase and launch, to recognized Fortune 500 companies.