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Dr. Allison Devers on Accessing the Subconscious

Episode Summary

My guest this week is Dr. Allison Devers, a conventional-turned-functional physician who is currently working on a book about the power of accessing the subconscious to expand the potential for healing. After spending the last 6 days straight with her, I can validate first-hand that Allison is a total badass, and I'm grateful to now call her a soul sister. For full show notes, head to www.wonderwelltherapy.com/blog/wtfp-13 .

Episode Notes

How often do you meet a smart-as-hell MD who's into chakra healing, tarot, and intuitive brainstorming sessions, and is not Deepak Chopra?

Over the past six days, I have come to know one of these unicorns, and her name is Dr. Allison Devers. I'm gonna keep these show notes pretty short and sweet, because I'm still at the training where I met Allison last week, and want to soak up every last minute before heading back to the real world.

But man, you guys are in for such a treat with this conversation. I sprung the idea of an interview on her pretty last-minute, so this is a very organic conversation. And since there is so much that I want her to share with y'all, I already know she will be a repeat guest, either when her book comes out or before then.

In this episode, we talk about everything from hypnotherapy (since we're at a wonderful training at The Wellness Institute right now) and TM to intuitive writing and navigating the integration of self-care and contributing to justice-oriented work.

About Allison Devers, MD

Dr. Allison Devers has always been drawn to healing work. She first trained and worked in the conventional medical world. Then, frustrated by how little this had to offer conditions like chronic pain, chronic fatigue and other difficult to treat medical problems, she became an integrative functional medicine practitioner using nutrition, gut healing and treating inflammation. This helped improve patients' symptoms maybe about 60%, but didn't get them all the way better. It was in the study and practice of the subconscious state where she found that this was really the key to deep healing. She now spends her time teaching others how to access the subconscious state in workshops and through her writing.

Dr. Devers sees patients in one on one sessions using powerful subconscious tools such as hypnotherapy and mind-body medicine to help people heal and transform themselves. She has a passion for the intersection of the subconscious state, the metaphysical, spirituality, and healing. Allison lives and practices in the San Francisco area, where she enjoys hiking in the redwoods and taking her dog Frankie to Stinson Beach.

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