What's the F***ing Point?

Bryanna Dee on Living in the Gray Area

Episode Summary

Bryanna Dee (host of Shadowlight podcast) guests as we kick off season 2, with a conversation about acknowledging and healing from trauma, living in the gray area, and how we can honor our interconnectedness.

Episode Notes

SEASON 2 IS HEEEERE, and my Enneagram 7 ass is jumping up and down with excitement!! It is really taking a lot of effort not to completely abuse exclamation points right now. I have big plans for this year with the podcast, and I'm so grateful that you're joining me on this journey of exploring some of the most fascinating topics and ideas about being a person in the world today.

My guest for this episode is Bryanna Dee, the host of the podcast Shadowlight, which explores similar topics as this show (sooo if you love one, you'll probably dig the other) but through Bryanna's unique lens. Her views on wellness and business are informed by her own life path, which includes a chaotic upbringing, loss, law school, experience working in the criminal justice system, and so much more.

We had a really deep and honest conversation about the difficulty and necessity of exploring wellness-related work in the context of privilege and social justice, and how we can view the concept of manifesting with acknowledgment of social issues that are outside our individual control.

You can find Bryanna online at her website BryannaDee.com, her Instagram @bryannasayingthings, and Shadowlight wherever you listen to your podcasts!

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About Bryanna Dee

Bryanna Dee is the host of Shadowlight podcast. She is obsessed with helping people improve their lives through radical vulnerability and honesty. She uses her podcast and consulting business as mediums to guide and inspire others to integrate and to love both their light and their shadow, to find softness in their resilience through adversities, and to speak up and share their stories.