What's the F***ing Point?

Erin Stutland on the Power of Joyful Movement

Episode Summary

My guest this episode is the lovely Erin Stutland, creator of The Movement and author of the book Mantras in Motion (and genius behind one of my absolute faborite ways to move, the Soul Stroll!)

Episode Notes

When I first came across Erin Stutland's work, it was that awesome feeling of, "Where has this been all my life?!"

Like, WHAAAA, someone put together affirmations with aerobics?? SIGN ME THE F UP. 

I have been an aerobics girl since Margaret Richards and Denise Austin** back in the DAY— and as much shade as I like to throw on affirmations sometimes, I do enjoy them when they’re done well and not from a place of trying to eradicate all “negative” thoughts/feelings.

Erin delivers on all of that and more, so I’ve been following her work (and doing her workouts and meditations) for years. I finally decided it was about damn time to ask her to come on the podcast, and I was delighted when she said yes!

We had a lovely conversation about the power of thought AND movement, especially when combined with intention.

Head here for full show notes including links to Erin's work and stuff mentioned in the intro!