What's the F***ing Point?

Pep Talk for When You're in a Mood

Episode Summary

Solo pod for when you're in a funk and need a lil pep talk <3

Episode Notes

Hope y'all are having a lovely summer so far!

In this short and sweet solo episode, I am getting very real with you about the space I've been in recently — and how I'm trying to hold myself in compassion and grace, while also knowing when I need to take action to shift things both on the day-to-day level, and at the deeper level.

I also did a collective tarot pull that had me laughing out loud with how #accurate it feels right now.

The last few minutes are a straight-up-channeled pep talk that you might want to come back to again in the future when you're in a MOOD like I've been in (a funk, out of alignment, whatever you wanna call it.)

For full show notes including links to stuff mentioned in the episode, go here!