What's the F***ing Point?

TRISHES on Navigating Ego and our Many Selves

Episode Summary

In her new album Ego, TRISHES navigates the complexity of our sense of self, and isn't afraid to declare the many ways in which that gets warped in modern society.

Episode Notes

If you asked me to imagine my version of a "perfect" album, it would likely be a fusion of philosophical/psychological pondering, critical sociopolitical commentary, and killer beats with seductive vocal melodies that drip like honey.

And not long ago, I realized that WTF, SUCH AN ALBUM WAS RECENTLY RELEASED, by the ridiculously multitalented TRISHES, aka Trinidadian native and Californian Trish Hosein.

As Trish describes, "Ego explores the structures humanity has created to separate ourselves from the primal self: government, money, language, creativity and self awareness. I'm interested in exploring different relationships, particularly minority relationships, with these themes."

In this conversation, we discuss how TRISHES was born out of her own grappling with conflicting internal desires and struggles, and what drew her to exploring topics in her music that most musicians in her genre avoid or sugarcoat.

"Ego" is the first part of a planned 3-part series exploring the 3 primary layers of consciousness and sense of self outlined by Freud and many others in varying terms.

Keep an eye out this summer for TRISHES' Ego Experience tour, a multidimensional experience that transcends the bounds of what we typically expect of live concerts.

After hitting Oklahoma City and Kansas City in the beginning of June, TRISHES will continue to take the Ego Experience to other stops across the country, collaborating with local artists and musicians.

Listen to Ego and TRISHES' other music on Spotify, follow @trishesmusic on Instagram, check out her badass and unique videos on YouTube, and learn more at www.TRISHES.com.

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