What's the F***ing Point?

Harris III on Healing Cynicism with Wonder & Story

Episode Summary

How does a person move forward when they master the art of illusion and no longer believe that anything can be trusted as real, genuine, and meaningful?

Episode Notes

Harris III is kiiind of a big deal — so I was pretty nervous about interviewing him.

Then, when I showed up to his office all prepared with my huge bag of fancy new gear and couldn't get it to work like it had the night before, I was mortified. COOL.

It really speaks to Harris's character that instead of being irritated or judgmental about my tech gaffe, he was patient, kind, and problem-solved with me on the spot.

The result? A candid, meaningful conversation where we explored how his roots as a magician ended up taking him from the height of success to rock bottom cynicism; how he defines magic now; and the importance of story in his life and work.

This was a kickass conversation, y'all.

Just a heads up, we talked about Christianity a fair amount— which is different from a lot of the discussions I have about spirituality on the show. I appreciated the different perspective Harris brought to that conversation, and the experiences he shared about his spiritual path. Even if that topic is not typically your jam, I encourage you to stick through it if that feels okay for you.

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Harris III started his career as an award-winning illusionist, and has since expanded his work as a keynote speaker, storyteller, and event curator. Harris founded the Istoria Collective, an event and production company that creates and executes meaningful and transformative experiences through live events, including the annual STORY Conference, and a variety of other mediums. You can find Harris online at HarrisIII.com, on Twitter and Instagram @harrisiii.