What's the F***ing Point?

Drew Hicks on the Deep Value of Storytelling

Episode Summary

If you're into storytelling, the power of the natural world — or just compelling conversation in general— you're gonna dig this episode with Drew Hicks, co-principal of 4th, an experience design firm.

Episode Notes

Drew Hicks is a triple threat: he's a talented writer and artist, a kick-ass speaker and storyteller, and a true Renaissance dude who could keep himself alive in the wilderness probably longer than anyone else I know.

When I decided on the theme of storytelling for this month, I knew I had to interview Drew. I hope you love listening to this conversation as much as I enjoyed having it!

One of the things I was excited to ask Drew about was his secret sauce for memorizing details and being able to clearly and effectively communicate them to audiences (which he does beautifully in this episode!) We get into that around 37 minutes in, and what Drew had to say definitely inspired me to take some actions to grow my own skills in this area.

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Drew Hicks is a designer, writer, and strategic communicator. From leading camera teams for Hollywood productions to more than a decade of writing scripts, running media campaigns, and leading executive communications strategy for the Fortune 500 and in the public sector, he is a storyteller to the core. He challenges clients with connecting brands to their customers and communities.