What's the F***ing Point?

Nicole Boriski on Consistent Stewardship of the Earth

Episode Summary

In this episode, Nicole Boriski takes us for a journey into the ocean to better understand its mysteries and how TF we can do our part to preserve the biodiversity of our planet's very important waters.

Episode Notes

Everyone has that one friend who went away to study abroad in college and never really came back.

Nicole Boriski is that friend for me. And while the selfish part of me would have liked to see more of her over the past decade, she’s been up to some pretty cool shit, and I’m glad her journeys have landed her where they have as a literal ambassador of the environment.

Nicole is hilarious, smart as a whip, and passionate AF about what she does. In this episode, she takes us into the mysteries of the deep blue ocean, the complex cities of coral reefs, and some tactical strategies we can all employ more consistently to be better stewards of the home we are with so many other incredible beings.

**For full show notes including links to resources mentioned in the episode, visit www.shinebrightwith.me/wtfp-33.

About Nicole Boriski

Nicole hails from College Station, Texas where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies and Spanish at Texas A&M University. Nicole’s study abroad program involved sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica, which sparked a keen interest and passion for tropical waters and all of their inhabitants. Nicole traveled throughout Latin America and discovered the magical world of scuba diving.

Her skills underwater were sharpened even more in work that followed travels; she began teaching students in California's coastal kelp forests at the Abassadors program on Catalina Island, and she continued her environmental education career as a naturalist in French Polynesia onboard a small cruise ship.

Dappling in colder climates, she taught students in urban environments in San Francisco, CA and Portland, Oregon, and quickly gave up the cold to return to the tropical Caribbean -- she now resides in Dorado, Puerto Rico where she manages the Ambassadors program based at a Ritz-Carlton Reserve.