What's the F***ing Point?

Travis Cooper on the Power of Authentic Movement

Episode Notes

**Travis Cooper is one of those people you can tell is a dancer just be seeing him walk down the street. **

He carries himself with such presence, grace, and fierceness — and as I mention on the intro, has a truly magnetic (except LOL I said infectious because I couldn't think of the right word, but ehhh #getvaccinated 😜) personality to match.

I was delighted to get to know Travis in this interview, and I know you'll feel the same way! We talk about his spiritual path from Christianity to atheism to seeking out what a more authentic spirituality, and how his emotional and spiritual growth have impacted the way he views his dharma as a dancer and choreographer.

About Travis Cooper

Travis Cooper is a choreographer, dance educator, and lover of movement based in Nashville, TN. Dance is often the medium he uses to connect and empower the people around him. He believes that one of the best ways you can honor yourself and the world around you is by living authentically!

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