What's the F***ing Point?

Lisa Olivera on Being Human First

Episode Summary

In this episode, psychotherapist Lisa Olivera takes us to life SCHOOL, y'all. You're gonna want your notebook and favorite pen for this one. 🤓

Episode Notes

Lisa Olivera is not the therapist that's going to "help" you or fix your problems... and that's exactly why she's your dream therapist. When I started following Lisa on Instagram (@lisaoliveratherapy), I was immediately drawn to her energy and her content. We are definitely on the same wavelength in a lot of ways, which made for a really fun conversation.

I so admire how Lisa is navigating the tricky territory of self-disclosure as a therapist on a public platform, and we have a rich discussion in this episode about how the old model of rigidity around self-disclosure in the therapy room is outdated and not as beneficial in creating the kind of genuine relationship that facilitates the most healing and supportive work between clinician and client.

**Lisa's personal story as an adoptee, which she shares about in the episode, will likely make you want to throw things, and then hug people... **which is a testament to the work that she has done both with her own healing, and how she's been able to bring the universal themes from her experiences into a career of holding sacred space for others who are on their own paths of healing.

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